Nothing but a Memory.

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Nothing but a Memory.

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This is a story made by my sister Destinie. If you like it, I'll force her to write moar.

Hey, can you hear me? Big sister, it's me Midori. I finally made it to highschool, now all I need to do is finish right? Then your dying wish will be granted......

As the sun crept up on me through the blinds of my window, I grumbled, sitting up. Today was the first day of highschool, thereforeall kinds of thoughts filled my mind. Whether I'll make friends, or if anyone will like me. All those things made my head spin. "Midori, you'll be late!" Mother called from downstairs. I smiled sweetly as if my mother was in the room with me as I ran to the bathroom to get ready. I put my hair up into a ponytail as I put on my school uniform and ran downstairs. "See you later mom!" I giggled as I slid on my shoes and ran out the door.

Sister, the cherry blossoms have bloomed. This must mean it's spring. Sister, I hope I have a great day to day, and for the rest of my life. It would be better if I could spend those days with you...

All eyes were on me as I entered the classroom. "Ah, you must be Midori Miyuzaki." The teacher turned around to look at me. His smile was pleasant, but the rest of the class, not so much. "That's the new girl?" One of the girls in the front of the class shouted. "Now now, let's make Midori-chan feel at home." The teacher nodded. Real tough chance of that happening. I thought. "I'm your homeroom teacher, Mr. Takahashi." He walked up to me. "Sit anywhere you'd like." He stated. I nodded and took a seat in the back of the class, nearest to the window.

The bell rang, which it seemed to ring forever as I stood up. "Hello." A soft voice sounded. I looked up noticing a rather tall girl, but she had been really pretty. "I'm Kiyosa." She held out her hand and I shook it. "I'm Midori, nice to meet you." I smiled sweetly. "Would you like me to show you around? I know you might have trouble, so I'd like to be here to help." She nodded. My eyes widened as I noticed, she resembled someone, someone very familiar and dear to me, could it be?

Could it be, that this girl standing right beside me in the hallway, resembles you, Big sister? It can't be, but she looks so familiar, she looks exactaly like you. Nonsense, It's just that I think of you so much....

"Uh, Midori, are you alright?" Kiyosa asked. "Oh, yes I'm fine." I jerkily nodded. "Just lost in thought, as always."

The last bell of the day rang as I left the school with my things, hoping to not get stopped by anyone, not even Kiyosa. Safely making it through the double doors of the school, I began my journey home. "Big sister." I whispered, as I sniffled a bit.

"Welcome home Midori!" Mother smiled sweetly. How could she be so happy around this time of year? This had been, when my sister had left us for good. My mother didn't seem to care, as long as I had still been here. "Midori? Everything alright?" Mother asked. "I miss big sister." I whispered as I turned to run to my room. Mother followed at first but then heard a knock at the door. "Oh hello." Mother spoke as she opened the front door.

"Hello, You're Midori's mother, you do not remember me no?" A odd, yet familiar voice spoke. "It's me, Sadami." He smiled sweetly.

"Ah, right, you were close friends with Midori, what you brings you back here?" Mother asked.

"Because, I moved back over here, right across the street, yet again." Sadami nodded. "I was wondering if you guys still lived here, and if so, I wanted to see how Midori was doing, I'd love to get caught up on all the things I've missed."

"Oh, well she's upstairs." Mother smiled as she moved out of the way to let him in. Sadami walked upstairs and knocked on my door. "Midori-chan?" He called.

"Sadami-san?" I whispered as I wiped my eyes and ran to open the door. "You're back?" I asked, wide eyed.

"I am, in fact back." Sadami smiled sweetly. "Catch me up on your life so far please?" He asked.

"Okay." I looked up at him. His hair had grown since the last time I seen him. He's taller now, and more handsome then he's ever been.

"Where's Miyoka?" Sadami asked curiously.

That's right, he left right before you left Big Sister. He still doesn't know, but I don't think I can tell him.

"Sadami-san..." My voice trailed off. "Big Sister, she..." I literally choked on my words, trying to keep the tears from falling. "She's gone." I mumbled as I fell to my knees and burried my face in my hands. "For good."

Sadami looked down at me, and kneeled beside me. "It's alright, it's okay." He stated as he embraced me in a hug.

"It's not alright, it's not okay." I mumbled as I burried my face in his chest. "SHe's never coming back, and that's way too hard to accept right now."

"Midori, yes I know, but, one day, you will accept the fact that what comes after life, is death, and soon you will understand, and soon you will not be affected." Sadami patted my back as ne brought me to my feet. "Don't spend you life crying over her death, spend you life, celebrating it."

"Celebrating it?!" I yelled. How could someone celebrate something so awful.

"No no, what I meant was," He pursed his lips. "Celebrate the years you've spent with her, celebrate her life and all the things she did during it." Sadami nodded. "The grief will eat you away if you let it, so turn it all around while you still can..."

Big sister, now that Sadami is back, I think, that I might make it. Even though I'd be able to make it through if you were here, he is surely here to help.....
annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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