A poem without a name

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A poem without a name

Post  Jenna on Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:31 pm

Okay so this poem is written for my boyfriend and my best friend because Im moving. It's kinda long I guess. But tell me what you think.

And now Im saying goodbye
To my sweet memories
Im goin' away,
Leavin' this place
But I swear to you,
Im never gonna change,
Oh Im never gonna change,
Im gonna stay the same,
Im sayin' goodbye today
Tomorrow is another day
Tomorrow is another day
And for what it's worth,
Im never gonna forget you
Oh Im never gonna forget you.
Im leavin' today but tomorrow's gonna be
Tomorrow's gonna be different.
As Im walkin' away,
Im gonna be yours forever
Oh Im leavin' today
Tomorrow's gonna be different.
Im gonna be yours forever
As Im walkin' away,
Im never gonna change
Im never gonna forget you
Oh Im never gonna forget you
Oh never
Im promising you today,
You'll always have a place in my heart
Im sayin' goodbye to my sweet memories
Leavin' today,
Oh Im gonna be gone tomorrow
You're gonna miss me,
But dont cry
Oh baby please dont cry?
It's gonna be okay.
I swear
Lemme be your guide,
Oh it's all gonna be okay,
When Im not here Im still here.
Im never gonna give up,
All my sweet sweet memories.
Never givin' 'em up,
As Im walkin' away,
Just remember
Im always gonna be the same
Im always gonna remember you
Just because Im gone doesnt mean Im leavin'
Im always gonna be there for you
It's never gonna change
So Im sayin' goodbye to this place,
Im movin' on to a better place.
But you're always gonna have me.

I'm great and you're jealous.

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