The island of lost memory

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The island of lost memory

Post  Roaringflames on Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:36 am

Okay a fan fic about what I wish could happen to me

Chapter 1

A young mysterious man awoke from his deep eternal slumber in a hospital room. The man had on a torn red and black poncho with claw like scars on the edges that were trimmed to perfection. Belts line up from where the poncho meets his intersection until the pants. The pants were red and black also, torn all around, revealing nice soft white skin that the boy has. His hair was colored bright blue and in a spiky sort of way that made him unique. He stood up and got out of the bed only to be met by a nurse.

"Sir you can't be out of bed, you were in a coma, now sit down and relax, you still need to recover" the nurse but quickly fell to the floor, a knife lodged in her heart like she wanted death to come and find her. A doctor saw what happened and backed away in fright, leaving three teens wide open in view of the me.

"Who are you?" one of teen asked in a strict voice, that I could not help but laugh at, who the hell does this kid think he is. I started to grab my dagger, which was still lodged in the nurse's heart, Oh well grab your spare. I grabbed my other dagger from it's case and ran over towards the teen in pink, oh how much I hate that color. The teen screamed and more security guards appeared right around, oh god damn it.

"Hey you, let Kairi go or me and Sora will kick your sorry ass" the sliver haired teen said with a key shaped sword forming in his hands, oh god why me. I quickly decided to run and did it, grabbed my other dagger and rushed out of this madhouse. I saw some people looking at me crazily.

"Bug off nothing to see here" I said in a stern voice that became very deep. I ran towards a boat on the dock which I had just passed, oh lucky me. I hopped in and started to row towards another island, different. No civilization. No people. There are even tree houses, must be abanded from it's previous owners. I set my boat down and went to one of the tree houses, empty, Well damn.

"Hey there, you, we're going to kick your ass" I looked behind me and saw the sliver haired teen standing next to the brown haired one, Oh what the hell do they want now, my munny, my cloths, my virginity, or my life.

Tune into the next chapter to find out

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