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It was seven o'clock when my sister finally showed up- you would have expected her to be a little more cheerful then she already was, considering her tone on the phone had been a quite pleasant one, and it seemed that she was happy to hear from me after all these years. But, maybe not. Maybe she had only done this for the book.

Why would she want the damned thing anyways? She can't read, she'll get her seeing-eye dog to read for her? It was rude, but I laughed a little at the thought. Yes, old people- scratch that, elderly people- crack jokes just as those stupid, rowdy teenagers do. I was laughing like they were- giggling into my palm, looking at the ground so it wouldn't look like I was laughing. My sisters blind, but hell, who knows? Maybe her dog will tell her later what I was doing.

He dog, which I can't recall the name of her at this moment, guided her to my front porch. I smiled warmly at Helena- I really had missed her, even if the last time we had spoken [ignoring the phone call the other day, it wasn't really that in-depth or anything. Simply "I have that book; I'm sorry I didn't mail it to you." And then she broke down, and said that she was coming back. Not that she really wanted it or anything, like I said she can't do much with it without her vision, but hey, who the hell knows?] had ended in a huge argument. At mom's funeral, too. You would have thought that we could have kept ourselves composed for something like that, but obviously not.

We just had to scream in each others faces. It was just how sisters were, no matter how old, young, or senile they might be.

"Why don't you have a jacket on? It's freezing out here!" Of course, the first words out of the bitches mouth just had to be that. Nagging me, already? What, it hadn't even been two minutes and she already found fault in something I had done. Then it occured to me that she wouldn't have even known if I was wearing a jacked or not- she's fucking blind! Though, I could really only dissmiss the thought, because thinking about it made my brain hurt immensely.

"Oh, stop it. That's all you ever do is nag me, go find something more productive, and leave me be." I shook my head and opened the front door for her and her dog. I was trying to get a peak at her name tag, because I didn't want to call it "dog" all night long, but I failed at that attempt.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Helena threatened, letting the dog guide her throughout the house. I honestly had no idea where it was going, it seemed that it was smelling around for a place to pee or some shit- running around all over the house. Sniff this, sniff that. Smells bad enough, don't pee on that. Oh, but this, this smells good, mabye I'll pee on this later.

Fucking dogs.

The table had been set, ever since Katie and her brother [what was his fucking name again? I swear, this Alzheimers is a bitch!] had arrived. Which was quite early in the morning, they had left at.. sometime around three, I believe, but of course I can never be sure of this shit. Somewhere around there, but oh well, does it really even matter?

I helped Helena sit down. She may be a bitter old bitch, and fucking annoying with all her nagging, but I'd hate to see the dog guide her to sit on the floor or something. I had renovated since the last time she had been here, so it wasn't like she was familiar with the set-up.

After she was seated, I heaved a sigh of relief. Maybe this dinner wouldn't be so bad, maybe it just seemed terrible because I haven't seen her in a while; I'm not used to her nagging or anything.

She lifted the cover off of the pot of food, and dumped some on Helena's plate. Proceeding to do the same on hers. The book- the one that Helena had loved so much as a child, and had had it read to her every single night before bedtime- was sitting in the middle of the table. Almost like a centerpiece, although it wasn't nearly as pretty. Of course not, centerpieces are beautiful. That was a piece of crap.

Looking around, as if she could actually look around, Helena sighed. "Where's the book? Let me see it!"

I laughed- again, I didn't mean to, but the irony! "You can't see it. You're-" Reminding myself that she would probably just nag me some more if I reminded the bitter bitch that she was blind, I stopped talking, cleared my throat, and thought of something better to say. "It's right in front of you, go ahead and pick it up."

She, obviously, wasn't the smartest cookie in the world, for she dug her hands straight into the pasta that was on her plate- thinking I had meant that it was on her plate, probably.

"Oh, dear Lord!" I exclaimed. It was even worse that I had just sat down. I know you teenagers might not know this, but us old people, we have a hard time getting around and moving. So yeah, it isn't very easy to sit down and stand up like you do.. probably for a game when you're being hyper. Anyways, I rushed over to her side and pulled her hands out of the food. Hopefully they were clean, because she wasn't getting anymore food.

"What are you doing? Let go of me! I must get the book!" She tried wriggling out of my grip. The funny thing is, I think she actually thought that she was strong enough to do this. She even tried to kick and slapped me, but ended up doing this to her dog instead.

"The book isn't in your food!"

"Yes it is! You told me it was right in front of me." I was about to smack her at this point. I mean really, I know the chick is blind, but why in the world would I put a book as important as that one in her food?

"HELENA!" I screamed- couldn't control myself- she had knocked me off the edge.

What was even worse, was at that moment, Raul came inside. I don't know where he had been hiding, but he was there. And damn, had he gotten larger. Raul, you see, is a dust mite. Now, usually dust mites are too tiny to see and shit, but not Raul. Somehow, and don't even ask me how, he had grown- tremendously. He was about six feet tall, hideous, and bulky. He always wore the same outfit; a suit, which he was outgrowing, an eyepiece, because he was blind in one eye, and a hat.

My sister whipped her head around as her dog started barking. "Who's there?" She turned back to look at me, her arms out-stretching trying to find out where I was. I shook my head, forgetting for a moment that she couldn't see the movement.

"It's no one." And after leading her to the sink to wash her hands, and making sure they were dry, I handed her the book.

"I see." She mumbled, smirking as she flipped through the pages. Now, obviously she couldn't read them, but she felt them up. I don't know why- it wasn't braille or anything. Just a normal book, but she found pleasure in doing this so I didn't stop her.

Raul began to dance, put some music on, and danced. He was quite the psychotic dust mite, and it was the reason that I had hired those Clean Sweep workers. They were supposed to get rid of him and his friends, but apparently they hadn't done a very good job with doing that, because he was still here.

"Trying to get rid of me, eh? Oh, foolish Irene, you can't get rid of old Raul that easily." With a wink, he danced some more, twirling around in circles while my sister continued to feel up the book- lost in her own world.

It was as if she had gone deaf as well, and couldn't hear the music or Raul's scratchy voice talking to me.

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up. RAUL!" I snapped, I was losing my mind with this fucking pest around- seriously, he just didn't understand what 'get the fuck out of my house, you fucking destructive beast' meant.


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Re: LMFAO. I don't know! CARRIGAN MADE ME!

Post  Laura on Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:13 pm

"He was quite the psychotic dust mite."

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Re: LMFAO. I don't know! CARRIGAN MADE ME!

Post  Guest on Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:25 pm

lmfao. Raul<3
I just realized that some of this is in third, and the rest is in first. I'm an idiot. o.e


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Re: LMFAO. I don't know! CARRIGAN MADE ME!

Post  Abby on Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:38 am

don't worry i do that all the time.... I think I did it on a school essay once, scored me a 4.3 out of 5.. yea, something terrible like that.
annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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Re: LMFAO. I don't know! CARRIGAN MADE ME!

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