Confusion, and lies.

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Confusion, and lies.

Post  o on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:24 am

Chapter one.

"Dad! Slow down! Please! I'm scared!" The boy, only eleven years old cried to his drunk father, speeding down the highway at 95 miles per hour.
"Matthew!" The boy's young, pregnant mother said firmly, with only a hint of fear in her voice. How she did it, the boy had no idea. But it amazed him she could still sound so calm.
Then, it happened. Lights flashed as the car tires screeched, and the boy lurched forward in his seat.
The last thing the boy could remember, before falling into what seemed to be eternal darkness, was flying off the bridge, through the railing, and plummeting down to earth. Once the car hit the street bellow, the boy blacked out.

When he awoke, he was in a bright room. The lights hurt so bad, he had to squint.
Men stood over him, frantically running about, and trying to save him. He was loosing blood, fast. They needed to save him, or else he would die.
"Jayden!" The young boy's mother screamed as loud as she could.
Something was wrong. Terribly wrong, the boy couldn't feel his left arm. He couldn't move it, at least he didn't think so.
"We're losing him!"

I was that boy, Jayden Chase Hearting. That all happened about, four years ago. Now I'm 15, and a freshman in high school. My life is, sort of normal. At least I like to think so. I live with my mother, but not my father. We lost him that night of the accident. Along with my sister that had yet to be born. We were going to name her Autumn..
Anyway, I get picked on a lot at school. I sometimes have the tendency to drift off, and let my mind wander. I have very weird thoughts at times, but I refrain from telling my mother about them. There's one more thing about me that no one knows about. Only because if I told everyone, I would get picked on by bullies a lot more often. I don't really... I'm not into... Well, I'm gay. There, plain and simple.
Oh, yeah, one more thing. That accident kinda left me without my left arm. I don't know how it happened but it's complete gone. At the shoulder, and all.
Okay, so maybe my life isn't normal at all. Can it be helped?
"Jayden," My mother called from the kitchen, "Hurry, you don't want to be late, do you?"
I walked down from my room in the attic, and sighed heavily. Took me almost a half hour to get changed, like usual. You'd be surprised how many things suck with one arm.
Like sports. Not that I liked sports to begin with, but still.
"It's fine mom." I assured her, sitting down at the table. I began to shovel the food in my mouth. I could tell my mother was glaring at my from across the kitchen, so I didn't dare look up at her.
Once I had finished shoving food in my face, and was ready to go, I headed down to my bus stop. I was wearing a simple pair of black skinnies, with a black t-shirt. I had a studded belt on, so I wouldn't look so boring.
The bus arrived not shortly after. I climbed onto the bus, and didn't look at the bus driver. He was annoying, always giving me weird looks. Fuck him.
I sat down in the back, and looked out the window. I drifted off, thinking of my life if I had two arms, like everyone else. I'd have many friends, intead of like five, and maybe even be in a relationship. With the perfect boy, gentle yet strong. Caring yet carefree.
"Hey, stupid!" A voice said. Suddenly I felt something hit my head. I looked up to see Alexander Devan, my one enemy. Me and him hated each other, even before my accident.
He was the only one after my accident, didn't care whether or not I had two arms. Thank god. I hate nothing more then being pitied. I'm fine, aren't I? I'm alive, so no one should feel sorry for him.
"Shut up." I mumbled, glaring at him a bit, before looking out the window again, only to be hit in the head with a book for the second time. I stood up, and slapped him across the face. "Stop it." I growled.
Alexander stared at him, anger in his eyes. "You're the one who hit me! Jackass!" He shouted, sitting down in his seat in front of me.
I sat back down, and ran my fingers through my hair. Just great. Now he's probably going to tell the bus driver. God, what a dumbass.
When the bus finally reached school, about seven stops later, everyone stood up and began to file off the bus. I stood behind Alexander, trying to fight the urge to shove him.
To my surprise, me and Alexander walked off in silence. He only glanced at the bus driver.
Something must be up with him.
When I got to my locker, I was ambushed by my best friend, Daniel. I call him Dani. He's go the cutest dimples when he smiles... And he has a girlfriend.
"Jayden! Jaydeen!" Dani smiled, nearly tackling me to the ground.
"Dani, if you knock me over, you're going to have to pick me up." I said, laughing a bit.
Dani gave me an odd look. He still hadn't exactly gotten use to the nickname I gave him. "Anyway, I got my schedule changed." He said, frowning a bit. "We don't have first together anymore."
"What? Why did you get is changed?!" I asked angrily. He was my only friend in that class, and now he was gone. What if I have to do a partner project? Who would I pair up with? Alexander!? Hell no!
"I dropped band." He said, backing away carefully. "I'm your choir class now, though."
I knew he mentioned that, so I wouldn't strangle him, so I just smiled. "Good." But then I realized, his girlfriend was in my choir class. "Did you drop band so you could be with Sky?" I asked suddenly.
When Dani laughed nervously, and said he had to go to class, I knew it was a yes.
"Great." I mumbled to myself as he ran off. "Dani! See you in second period!" I shouted, and smiled as he waved at me. He was so great, but I knew for a fact he was straight. We were playing truth or dare and he was freaking out when someone dared him to kiss another guy.
"This is my first and last man kiss." He had said.
Before I knew it, I was in first period, art class, sitting in the back, trying to find something to do. Dani's seat was empty, and it was annoying me.
"Alright class! We're doing a partner project. I expect you two to work on this outside of school. I want you to build a model, of any animal. You can make it out of anything. Just please, work hard on it."
When she began reading the partners outloud, I zoned out, just until I heard my name.
"Jayden... And Alexander."
What? What!? I must really be fucking cursed. Why did I think about partnering with him this morning? I JINXED MYSELF.
Alexander looked over at me, and snickered.
I sat the rest of class in silence. This was going to suck, so bad.
When the bell rang, I ran out of class in an attempt to avoid Alexander, but he caught up to me anyway. He grabbed onto my wrist to stop me. Damn, he was fast.
"Hey, Jayden. I'm coming over tonight to work on the project." Alexander said, before letting of of my arm.
Alexander's stop was one after mine, and I knew he could easily walk home from my house. Just great. Why did he have to have a dad that didn't care about him?
When I began thinking of his dad, I got a weird feeling in my stomach. Like, anger. Why would I hate this dad?
Sometimes, I confuse the hell out of myself. Like seriously.
The rest of the day went by quick. Dani paid more attention to Sky then to me in choir. But it didn't bother me. They were dating, after all. I got laughed at for tripping in science, and bullied after class. I got bullied again when school was out. My usual schedule was full of bullying, if that wasn't obvious.
I sat in seat 7, behind the bus driver. I felt someone sit next to me, and I turned to see Alexander. "What are you doing?" I hissed at him.
"Sitting?" Alexander asked, snottily. God, what a douche bag.
"I know you're coming over to work on the project and all, but you could sit in a different seat you know." I said to him, looked down at the bag in my lap. I didn't carry a backpack, since I couldn't put the straps on anyway. It felt like eternity sitting in that with Alexander. We finally got to my stop, right before I nearly dozed off. I stood up, and walked off the bus, Alexander following. I felt his eyes on me, but I didn't really care, truthfully.
I knocked on the house, and smiled at my mother when she opened the door.
"Ah, who's this?" She asked, with a worried expression. I didn't usually bring friends home without permission.
"Sorry mom, we have to work on a project." I said walking in. I opened the door that lead to the stairs up to the attic. Alexander followed me slowly. I sat down on my bed. I didn't have a real bed, just a mattress on the floor with sheets. My mother always wanted to get me a bed, but I refuse. It's comfy and that's good enough for me.
Alexander sat down next to him, and sighed. "What are we gonna do? I wanna do a tiger." He said, grinning.
"No, the strips would be too hard. Let's do, like a lion." I said to him, looking around my dark room. I reached over and turned on my lamp.
"Lions are stupid, dude. Let's do a tiger."
"God, you being stupid again."
"Me? I just don't want to spend forever on a stupid tiger! Jackass." I hissed.
Silence fell, and I had no idea why. I looked over at him and he was just staring at me. Creepy.
I felt his hand on my shoulder, and I began to grow worried. Was he going to punch me? No, he wouldn't do that because I don't want to make a stupid tiger.
He isn't that childish.
I looked over at him, seeing him lean closer, and tilt his head. Before I could pull away or yell at him, his lips were pressed against mine.
Wait, what!? Is this really Alexander!? I thought he was suppose to be my enemy!
Yet, there he was, taking away my first kiss.


I wrote this last year, but I decided to see if it was actually any good. xD
you're getting there.

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Re: Confusion, and lies.

Post  Morgan on Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:41 am

I like it. Very creative. I truely like it. PLease continue. I love seeing new people post more and more creative stuff on here every day! Im currently working on a story called Six and I could really use some more people reading it.

I really like this and want to see where it will go.

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