Less than perfect.

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Less than perfect.

Post  WalrusFaces (Layla) on Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:54 am

The suns arms formed a blanket around my naked shoulders, caressing the exposed skin. I layed in that field of dreams for hours letting the grass of summertime tickle my bare legs. The small strapless gown barley fell to my knees the yellow fabric stranding out against my pale skin and dark brown hair. "Mayrie, my love so you've decided?" His voice so dark and intoxicating reached my ears, it was menacing and still I knew I had to save her, I had to save Anna.Lyric would never love me, He would only ever love my darling sister Anna so innocent with olive skin and honey blonde hair, she was perfect and graceful while I on the other end was lanky and awkward.Scorpius had come to me in this beautiful dreamland to learn my choice. Trade my life for my sisters and serve him, or allow my sister to continue on her journey to death.I had indeed decided.I would serve this cruel man but only for the man I love." My lord, let Anna go I . . .I Have decided to take her place." Sobs racked my body I could feel Death creeping upon me The darkness replacing the beautiful sunlight.The last thing I saw was Anna running into the arms of Lyric waving to me with tears on her cheeks and a thank you on her lips.

I woke up in a dark room with chains on my wrists keeping me to the wall.I heard a door creak a a tiny light showed at the far end of the room, a tall silhouette dark and sinister. "My Dear Mayria i hate to see you chained up like this, You could always join me as my queen." His voice was velvet and was like a music note." I spit on drazkas like you!" I snarled using all the energy in me. Drazkas were kidnappers who manipulated time and space they chose young women from earth to take away and convince them to join them. They were kind of like vampires hard to resist.Scorpius strode up to where I hung from the wall His hands ran up and down my body sending feelings through me that were hard to resist then his fangs pierced me just right above my left breast, their was a slight pain and i felt the blood flow from my veins and into his mouth. I could feel a smile play across his lips.he backed away slightly. I was dazed from the loss of blood my vision blurring slightly but for some reason i wanted more, The bite though painful was addicting and I knew he had noticed."My dear I will return tomorrow, until then i bid you adue."He left the room leaving me in darkness.
WalrusFaces (Layla)
annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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Re: Less than perfect.

Post  ♡ Alicia ♡ on Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:53 am

I like it so far. You describe things well too. Please do continue. :D

♡ Alicia ♡
annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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