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All That Eyeliner

Post  Morgan on Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:27 pm

So I wanted to post this, not that anyone will read it because people dont come to the writers corner often. If anyone reads this please give me your input. Thank you

All That Eyeliner

~Chapter One~

Some say love is for the weak and lonely. To me love is a feeling, not a way of life like others. People can live without love, I mean I have for the short sixteen years I've been blessed to be on this Earth. I've been afrain to love, not only because of being hurt by the players but from my parnets. They yelled over little things and physicly fought for no reason at all. Deep cuts, yellowish bruises all stick out from my childhood.

When my sister, who is seventeen relizied what was happening she called child sevices. They came and removed us from ur parents.I don't remember the last time I saw my parents maybe three or four years ago. Well I can't lie, I do remember that day.

"Mayia! You can't go. You're mommy's little girl. Me and daddy promise not to fight just please stay," My mother begged as I packed the rest of my things. I looked around my now bare room. I had my bed sheets, pictures, frames, everything. My yellow walls dented with holes and streaked with blood from the time daddy attacked me.

"No mother! I have to leave. You and daddy should have thought about me and Lizzy not your arguments! We are more important than fighting!" I yelled throwing my bags over my should and walked out the opened door into the long, small, white hallway. "Liz! You ready?" I called into her room. her walls, once pink and green where now garffited and dark. her life wasn't any better than mine. She had some abusive boyfriends and they would write stuff on her walls.

Lizzy walked out of her room and stood beside me. Her long, straight silky blonde hair drapped over her shoulders as her bangs cover her right eye, the black one from the other day. "I'm ready, come on before Dad comes out of the room," She said pulling me out to the awaiting taxi cab.

I stood in the yard of the once lovely house I grew up in that now wasn't home to me. The outside; still the same, the inside; no more feelings of a loving family but was now filled with the feeling of anger and regret. I was glad to leave but sad at the same time.

I lowered my bags into the opened trunk of the taxi and shut it once everything was in place. I took one last look at the house before climbing into the cab. Lizzy joined me and was sat quietly in the backseats, no one spoke a single word but tears covered our face.

~Chapter Two~

After me and Lizzy moved out, we moved in with our Aunt Maggie and Uncle Josh. They where always like our second parents. They where there when Mom and Dad couldn't. Aunt Maggie was short,skinny, and had blonde hair. She was in her late twenties. Uncle Josh was tall, about six feet, and had short brown hair. He was in his early thirties.

They had tried to have kids before but Aunt Maggie has had two misscarragies.

"Oh girls I'm so glad you came to stay with us!" Aunt Maggie stated as she helped us unpack our things. Me and Lizzy where going to share the small room, big enought for us, with purple walls. There where picture of me and her on the walls from when we were younger.

"We are glad you let us come," Lizzy said looking at a picture of me, her, mom, and dad. She took it off the wall and handed it to Aunt Maggie. "We don't need a reminder," she said not wanting to see what use to be anymore.

I watched as Aunt Maggie placed the picture into a drawer on a deck on the right of the room. She looked upset. My mom was her sister and we knew she loved her dearly. "Aunt Maggie we can unpack ourselfs," I said looking upat her.

"Oh okay," Aunt Maggie said walking out of the now stone cold silent room and down the long hall way to the creeky steps. We knew she was going to the kitchen to fix dinner. I sighed and hung up the last bit of my clothes and glanced at Lizzy who was gazing up at the pictures. She pointed at on of us in matching dresses. Hers was grren, mine was red.

"Remember that Christmas? Everyone thought we were twin," She said laughing
"I do, fun times,"
"If only it was that way now," Lizzy whispered We looked at the pictures, crying and laughing at the funny pictures.

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annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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