On love's Terms

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On love's Terms

Post  BAMthe3moVamp on Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:33 pm

Why, why must it always seem so?
I speak of night and emotions,
And of the opinions of others being so low,
Yet when the heart does seem to glow with the blossom of that flower happiness,
It draws back to the black and ends with confessions.

The tears fall alongside the blood,
As the multitude drown from the hate caused by confusion,
Death puts down his hood,
Commanding “ Come forth, the conclusion”

What words can describe,
The pain from losing everything you love,
Those even with strong hearts will not hide,
And when the Crow takes place of the Dove,
The stubborn will utter with snide,
While the wise find an eternal place to reside,

While I gently take your hand,
Will you accept my plea?
Shall you come along,
Turning your back on their plans,
Does our love mean enough to you,
To stay eternal and ne’er forgotten?
If you whisper with your angelic voice,
Simply “yes” will suffice and subdue the stillness of this shattered heart,
I shall come to you through the Veil,
To rescue you from Eternal Darkness,
And receive you into my arms,
As we go,
Hand in hand,
Into our sweet abyss,
Where forever we shall reside,
With the endless kiss of Valentine,

My Love,
Will you swear on our Heart to ne’er leave me?
Will you stay where others have fled?
Will you allow this sweet blasphemy to go on?
Simply three letters can either cause love or destruction,
Yes or ‘bye?

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Re: On love's Terms

Post  raynebow2 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:11 pm

Wow.. That was pretty darn awesome :D

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