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Post  Eden(: on Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:17 pm

You broke my heart,
Trying to tear me apart.

It will hurt for a while,
I can hide in my smile.

You don’t care,
I’m left in despair.

I’m doing this,
You left me with no bliss.

I said goodbye,
I hope you cry.

This is my ending,
It will be splending.


I know it's an awkward poem. .-.
I wrote it yesterday.

When I found out the person I love-he loved me too- didn't care if I died I knew nothing mattered. Then I went to the behavioral health center because of that, and other shit in my life. I had written a Goodbye letter, and soon enough it got to everyone who could possibly care. One person cared.
I felt useless.
I felt stupid.
I felt like dying.
I am still dead inside, but I'm hiding in a smile and some giggles.
Depression Medicine isn't working.

I'm too fucking ready.

I won't die though.
Not until it's time.

I like, told my life story there. whoa.

Okay just.... do what the hell you want.
annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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