The chronicles of Alexx Override

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The chronicles of Alexx Override

Post  WalrusFaces (Layla) on Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:55 am

// By the way yes im working on finishing up the chapter to Not forever but for always im just not so sure i like how the chapter ends


A frosty wind blew the blackened grass as a smokey sky hung overhead.The still form of a man stood against a rotting door frame.The loud cry of a baby sounded from the back room of the dingy little farm house, The shadow figure hurried inside to stand in a well lit room his features now more clear a ruggedly handsome face framed by brown curls contrasted against his pale skin and green eyes.He now stood gripping the hand of a beautiful woman whose black hair clung sweatily to her face.Her hazel eyes gazed into those of her new born sons whose features were like that of his fathers.

As the moment of happiness fluttered in their stomachs a problem arose, A tall rugged man swaggered across the farm a black robe hung to cover his face, his pace quickened as he got nearer to the house, he had heard the child's cry from the Underworld and had come to claim it.This child would be the hero they needed, the one who would save their dying culture, yes this boy would be the one to bring power back to the gods!

Chapter 1: The way it is

Alexx had not wanted much in life, hed always been able to create what he needed.Thats how gods in training were, they would be raised by their parent until the age of five then they were sent to the mortal realm to take on the challenges there.But now as the little 14 year old Alexx sat there hearing the cries of his sister being raped as he lay bloodied and beaten on the floor he knew he had to get up.His muscles felt like they were ripping him in half, yet in his heart he knew that down the hall the little 6 year old Hannah was being hurt and no one was going to hurt children when he was around.His knees were weakening and blood was getting in his eyes but as soon as he opened the door power surged through his body, the killing crys of the dead hung in the air as he pounced to slay the beast.He sunk to his knees gripping Exahlter his trusted scythe.He leaned on it for support as he gaze at the lifeless body of Hannah, her blood had been sucked dry and her body beaten and bruised, her last scream still etched on her face.

Alexx gripped her body in her arms and he set her on the small raft, he was not allowed near his parents home until he slayed the Harpie sisters but surely this was close enough for her body to float back to Persephone as she and Hades picnicked along the river Styx.
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