The Love That I Lost and the Love That I Kept

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The Love That I Lost and the Love That I Kept

Post  Morgan on Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:13 am

And there I sat, empty, alone, and scared. Staring at the cold casket filled with the body of the girl I once loved, still loved, and would never stop loving. I couldn't bring my legs to make me stand, my feet to make me walk, my eyes to look down at the filled casket to say my one last goodbye.

The white casket, so pretty and perfect, just like Lauren, perfect, was hand painted with pink roses along the sides. Her favorite flower, the rose. Perfect and pretty like my dearest Lauren. Red and pink roses alined the church, and Lauren's bed where she will now forever rest.

"Seth, I'm sorry for your loss." Everyone seemed to tell me as they came over and then walked away. Im sorry too. Sorry that she was taken so soon. That my love, my sweetheart, my baby girl, was taken so soon. She shouldn't have been taken that day.

Her smile lit up a room and made everyone feel better. She was the best friend anyone could ever have and the best girl friend any man could have and I was the man blessed to have her. She had been fighting a hard battle but never gave up and never showed that she was weak. She kept a smile and hope. The cancer was slowly getting to her.

We discovered she had cancer, the same time we discovered she was pregnant. She could take the chemo-therapy but it would cause her to have a miscarriage. There was the possibility that by the time she had our baby, she would still have enough time to get the chemo-therapy she need and fight it off. It didn't happen.

Lauren was a fighter, a mother, and a lover. She held her daughter and said she loved her. She didn't want to give her up or let anyone other than herself hold her and I didn't blame her. Lauren knew, knew her time for chemo-therapy was way past. It wouldn't help now. I remember falling asleep beside her, telling her goodnight, kissing her one last time, telling her I loved her that night. She held our child in her arms while she was nestled into mine. As a family we fell asleep, as a father and daughter we woke up with no mother, or wife.

Lauren was taken while in my arms, the day our child was born, peacefully in her sleep after fighting with no medical help only so she could bring another life into this world. In my eyes, thats what a mother it, thats what a lover does, and thats what a wife does her last night alive with her family. Never giving up.

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Re: The Love That I Lost and the Love That I Kept

Post  babydoll16508 on Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:35 am

I like it. It made me cry though....I must add, I think you should REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (continue the really's x4435i45r454245o452456i2542576893043 more times and you know it's legit since there are letters ;] ) continue this story.
annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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