Faded Pools of Green

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Faded Pools of Green

Post  raynebow2 on Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:58 pm

This is just a poem I wrote...

My tears form but never leave
They drown the faded pools of green
Figures of the past have come
They deafen me to the future
And let me see only the past
I hear nothing and see everything
My puddles of green flash open
The life is slowly drained out of them
They transform into vast brown seas
Miles of dirty water just waiting
Waiting for nothing to make everything happen
They’re waiting to be black holes
To be emotionless drowning souls
When I look in the mirror my vision is clouded
Hindered by dirty water twisting my judgement
The faded pools of green whisper
They whisper lies to my deafened mind
My mind listens to what it sees
It sees a horrid girl with a broken smile
The miles of dirty water part
They make room for the rejected girl
This is where all the disowned things go
Once the girl’s mind hates her she disappears
The girl fades into the pools of green
The faded pools of green judge harshly
Banish the property of the girl
Causes hate to replace the blood
Sadness to eat the memories
In the eyes of the one she no longer is
The girl died, drowning in green.

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