Broken Memory Lane...

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Broken Memory Lane...

Post  raynebow2 on Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:18 pm

This is a story that I started writing. I can post the first chapter if you guys want. Comment and tell me what you think c: (I haven't named it yet but I'm calling it "Broken Memory Lane," any name suggestions?)


Aprael tried to remain calm but soon her walk progressed into a full-out run. She couldn’t help but run, she knew the truth now, so she ran away from it like she always had. She wouldn’t let them get her again. She wasn’t going to let herself be vulnerable again, this had happened before, she could feel it, and she wasn’t going to let it occur once more.
Her memory was fading though, she knew she was running, but why was slipping away all too quickly. She knew she must be strong, she must make herself remember. Oh, but she was so tired! She’d only rest for a while, then she’d start running again. Aprael collapsed into the soft, warm pine needles.
Everything came back at once, the dinner, the betrayal, the escape, but it was too late. Just before she blacked out she caught a glimpse of that all too familiar and all too sickening face. The bag went over her head and everything she faintly remembered was gone and so was her consciousness.

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