I Think Myself Out

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I Think Myself Out

Post  WalrusFaces (Layla) on Sun May 13, 2012 9:57 am

We just finished up our holocaust unit and our prompt was to wright a poem.The poem was to imagine yourself as a jew in the holocaust and think of that one special place in your mind you escape to when your in pain or upset or whatever.

Moments ago it was dark
The heat smothering us
Clinging to us as we screamed

I closed my eyes
to hide from the pain
Thinking, dreaming of that one special place

Then suddenly there was light
A beautiful room with high painted walls
Telling stories of heros i know all to well

Shelves towering over me
Mahogany,cypress and oak
Holding books and paints alike

Here i am free
just to be me no one can find me here
I can dream to my hearts content

My hands roll over worn out spines
i cant help but quote
as i stroll past classics

I see something glittering
A wall made of mirror and glass
I pause I am not the same

The rags i once wore are gone
My tangled brown hair now perfectly curled
i look so different

But thats not all
theres a change inside
i don’t see things the same

People can be cruel
bad things can happen
ive experienced it myself

Dont we all have our trials
our moments of hate
but still we have our reasons

arent we all really good at heart
i place my hand to the mirror
memories flashing in the glass

i understand now
that soon the world will change
maybe not for a hundred years but still

im glad to know
that i have this place
i know the others dont

so i will tell them stories
to make their suffering easier
just as this place helps me

ill tell them to think themselves away
to a happier place and time
where their imagination can fly

and suddenly im back again
like alice through the looking glass
gripping the hands of others

knowing our screams arent heard
but at least now
i understand
WalrusFaces (Layla)
annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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