If Only I was Lying...

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If Only I was Lying...

Post  WalrusFaces (Layla) on Sun May 20, 2012 9:12 pm

Im starting it off with a poem then ill begin to write it out.

The babys dying they said.
She wont live long they said.
Just a dying child in the arms of those who'll only kill her more.

Shes being fed through tubes.
She can barely breathe.
Shes more trouble than shes worth why waste time on her?

Shes getting older.
She doesnt fit in.
They laugh and tease her do they even care?

Shes too pale they said.
Shes too fat they said.
Shes trying hard to be the girl that they want her to be.

Shes not eating they said.
Shes getting worse they said.
Shes back going to the place where her life began.

Medicines and tubes.
She cant stand it.
She just wants to fit in and theyre stopping her.

Shes delirious they said.
Shell always be sick.
Best to let her fight while she can.

So she fought.
Shes trying.
But still she cant find her place.


This is the story of my life. If only i was lying. Then maybe writing this would be easier. But its true, and ive promised not to lie. So brace yourselves, ive never had an easy life.

When i was born my mother had been on all sorts of different drugs. It was as if it didnt matter to her whether or not i was born healthy which i was not. My organs dont work properly. My body relies on medication to function. Medication that one day will most likely stop working.

Through out my child hood i skipped in and out of the hospital up until third grade. Thats when the medication started to really take effect. I was practically blind in my left eye because my brain didnt wish to work with my eye. So I often had to wear an eye patch. I was called names and made fun of for it and no one cared to do a thing. I was as good as dead anyways.The side effects of my medications were bad enough. But the taunting of my peers killed me inside. This is only the beginning. Its only downhill from here.
WalrusFaces (Layla)
annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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