First day of high school.

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First day of high school.

Post  Fennec on Wed Sep 05, 2012 5:53 am

It was amazing. I teased cute boys and made a bunch of new friends and saw a bunch of old friends. And now I understand why high schoolers are so annoying at the younger kids, ugh. My friend and her brother are on my bus, along with about half of my orchestra mates. Collin(friends brother) is the most annoying child I've ever met, and keeps trying to ask out all the high school girls. He's a seventh grader. It's gross watching him pretend like Monica and Halley are his doting girlfriends. Bleh.

But my homeroom teacher is AMAZING. Mr. Parker always makes funny jokes and he's just cool. :3

My feet hurt from running around, but I'll live.

I'm such an easily frustrated person.
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