I want to rant before I go to bed.

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I want to rant before I go to bed.

Post  Taylor on Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:26 am

Okay so lately I've noticed that almost every guy I know has been complaining about all girls being shallow and stuff. I'm going to copy/paste the exact comment I saw that really po'd me though:
"every girl who talk about guys being cheaters and such, they base them on there looks. and such nd are always saying stupid shit. when really, its the girls fault. catch my drift papi?"

Excuse me??? You know every girl? You know that every girl goes after assholes and only cares about looks? Honestly this is so fucking annoying. You know why you're under this impression? Because you go after girls who are shallow and look like VS models. Those girls go after guys that look like fucking Greek Gods, and that's why they complain. Catch my drift papi?? Seriously you cannot say that the ntire opposite sex sucks just because a few people didn't like you back, or you got dumped, or friendzoned. I've been friendzoned by every guy I've ever liked and I have never even THOUGHT that all guys were assholes. That's just an incredibly ignorant thing to say.

Before you complain about people being shallow, why don't you go out and get to know somebody. Really get to know them. You may be surprised. Maybe if you took the time to make intellectually based relationships, you'd start liking some of these people that you'd never even associate yourself with before. And hey, guess what? I guarantee if you connect with someone on an intellectual level, if you can have deep conversations with them, your relationship will be MUCH better than a relationship with someone who's hot. Anyways, when you start liking someone their flaws really aren't there anymore. In my case, the guys I liked I never found attractive until after I started to like them. (my case isn't the best example because I didn't even go after looks and I still got rejected)

BUT HONESTLY WHAT DO YOU EXPECT AT THIS AGE? Do you expect us to be mature enough to say "hey I don't even care about looks" when most adults still care? Of course not. And to be honest, I do think that everyone is shallow, just to certain extremes and in different ways. Who cares? Stop complaining about the entire opposite sex, and if one more fucking person says they're going to turn gay because they aren't in a relationship yet I'm going to rip the head off.
alright, now keep going.

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