Though I know all you guys have more important things to rant about, Imma bitch and moan about my life.

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Though I know all you guys have more important things to rant about, Imma bitch and moan about my life.

Post  Fennec on Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:15 pm

There aren't a lot of things that are irking me at the moment. I have amazing teachers, I've read some pretty amazing books the past few days, I've finished all the homework my teachers gave me (<--- Like, never happens ever) and I can take SPECIAL JAPANESE LANGUAGE COURSES ONLINE. Which is sweet.

There are those special few things that tend to get on my nerves. Let me list them:


Rhiannon has been my friend since like, the fourth grade. We were both super picked on at our school, me silently and her... not so silently. All the other kids were scared of me and I wanted a friend, so I scared her bullies away and we became friends. Stuff went south really quick when I left the school to go to Crosswinds, my current school. She would sometimes see my mom at the store and start crying, asking how I was and stuff. I just found out from her that she was cutting, too. I've seen the scars. And now my little Rainy is so different.... She's like... To be blunt, she's a bit of a bitch and she's one of those girls who can't settle for one boyfriend, so she runs around and strings along like three guys at once, and then she breaks up with them when she's bored. I want my Rainy back.

Her little brother, Collin, is a sixlet (sixth grader) and he is the most annoying child on the planet. He's nosy, he's loud, HE'S A CHILD MAN-WHORE, and he crosses that fine line between hugging and full on rape squeezes. He hangs all over Monica and Halley and tells people, "Yeah Monica is my girlfriend!" Dude, get a life. And maybe some weed to calm the fuck down. I just feel like hitting him and strangling him and throwing him in a bottomless pit of torture and agony when I see him. The only plus side about being around Collin is the lady assigned to follow him to his classes and keep him from exploding. Her name is like Miss H-something, but everyone calls her Jessalyn or Jess. She is SOOO AMAZING! She never yells or glares or even gets irritated with Collin. She's like, always smiling. None of us knows how she can stand it. She's only twenty threee and she is super super pretty. She's like some amazing big sister. We asked her if she ever watched people going by and like, narrated in her head some epic adventure for the person. All the time she said. She even narrated her own life, then told us this: 'As she walks down the grocery store aisle and picks up the grape jam, she knows that this jam will change her life... FOREVER!!!' We were just cracking up. Before our bus came, I hugged her and said, 'Jess, I think I love you.' She laughed and hugged me back, saying, 'I love you too Lizzi. But not in the creepy-teacher-get-me-arrested kina way.'

I'm such an easily frustrated person.
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