Angry. At nothing. Like always.

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Angry. At nothing. Like always.

Post  Fennec on Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:02 am

Sometimes I just wish I could strangle my mother.

She comes home from work half the time and gives me and my da dthe evil eye because, "All you people care about is laying around and video games." Like, what the fuck?

She thinks we never do anything, that we never clean anything or leave the house. Well, for half a year my dad couldn't leave the house because his car didn't work. I go to Monica's house every freaking day and hang out with her if her parents aren't being jerks. And as for the never cleaning.... I could do a little more work around the house. But today there wasn't anything to clean! And she's giving my dad a load of crap about his back. He's always had a weird back problem. He was bringing in the dog today and he hurt his back really back. I watched him CRAWL TO HIS BEDROOM. Yet my mother is acting like he's just making excuses. The man is in a lot of pain. Jesus. I know I might be complaining about nothing mostly, but my dad's back? My mom is going too far.

I'm such an easily frustrated person.
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