Each Time I Look At You

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Each Time I Look At You

Post  TheInvisibleQueen on Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:32 pm

Blinded by the sight
of your beauty and your grace
Never before have I been blessed
by such a captivating face

Your iridescent light
fills up my lonely soul
There is now a newfound happiness
Where once, there was only a hole

I never thought I could feel this way
This energy is so new
Do you see it in my eyes
each time I look at you?

Yes, and you find it amusing
how I think of you each day
but I'm not amusing enough
to ever make you stay.

Another face lights your soul
as you've so long lighted mine.
It could never have been my presence
that made your beautiful eyes shine.

My love continues unnoticed
as a speck lost in the sea.
I will never stop caring for you
though you have never cared for me.

Maybe someday you'll read this
and know that my feelings are true.
Even that couldn't change the fact
that I will always be nothing to you.

I remain a bug on your windshield,
one plain star in the light of your life.
How could I compare to the Sun
that stands so bright in your sky?

A universe full of creatures
and my affection fell on you.
You, who watched in contempt
as my out-of-control heart flew.

I soared too high
and you let my excited heart crumble;
Shattered, broken, torn,
Beaten in the struggle.

My hand trembles as I write this
but leave no tears on the page.
I've cried too many tears for you
yet you care not for my pain.

My inspiration, my light, my muse,
has left me in the dust.
Here, a piece of me will lie forever,
among the gravel and the rust.

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