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Post  TheInvisibleQueen on Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:30 am

Words left on a page

That's all I'll ever be.

There's nothing left to show for

what could have been you and me.

My only friend, you guided me

through adversity and disgrace

Now I'm reminded of the pain

every time I see your face.

Yet despite the agony in my chest

that your presence always brings

I still feel a flutter in my gut

every time I hear your name.

Meaningless words on a page,

written a thousand different ways,

a million different times

and countless different rhymes.

Maybe couplets will get this out of me
but it doesn't mean anything if you don't see

See the love inside my eyes
The love that each night, I despise

I can bend words to do as I wish
but my pen can't fix madness like this

These unorganized scribbles will cover this page
until it's weathered and torn and worn with age

No matter what I do I think of you
night after night I lose the endless fight

Maybe a haiku
Will not rid my mind of you
I'm lost forever

Maybe a tanka
I still miss your beauty
all of this helps not
as I'm slowly losing sight
What can I do after this?

My head hurts as I wrack my brain
The need is driving me insane
These words have always released the pain
But I'm finding nothing can cause love to wane

Patterns and letters and rhythms

They all mean the same thing

No matter how I write it down

You still mean everything.

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