Newish Poems...I have missed you guys D:

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Newish Poems...I have missed you guys D:

Post  raynebow2 on Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:46 am

I haven't posted in a while...buuuuuuuuuut.. Here's some stuff I wrote lately :3

Murder, Escape, or Self Defense?

The woman stares with eyes of hatred
The girl tells herself “life is what you make of it.”
She takes the woman’s words and turns them around
Makes them words of wisdom rather than doubt
Dreams of a better mother cloud her vision
She starts to question the world she’s always lived in
A mature little girl plans her own escape
She slowly unties the rope and rips off the tape
Her opponent is unaware of the stolen moves
The little girl tries to walk quietly with missing shoes
The woman was drunk but sober in senses
She heard the girl’s tiptoeing and put together the pieces
Her mother calls to her with a voice of threat,
“Stay with me. Be trapped, be my pet.”
The girl’s heart cried at her mother’s lies.
She looked back at the woman and sighed
The girl spoke no words and cried no tears
She’d been planning her escape for five years
The walls were closing in way too fast
So many chances at escape and this was the last
The girl aimed a gun at the woman’s head
She shot her mother who was already dead.


Paper Promises

Cut, cut, cut.
She cuts the smooth, clean paper.

Cut, cut, cut.
She cuts away her words.

Cut, cut, cut.
She cuts away her promises.

Cut, cut, cut.
She cuts it into pieces.

Cut, cut, cut.
She cuts it a little more.

Cut, cut, cut.
The paper’s almost gone.

Cut, cut, cut.
Her hands are getting shaky.

Cut, cut, cut.
She’s dropped the scissors.

Cut, cut, cut.
She rips it with her hands.

Cut, cut, cut.
She must destroy it.

Cut, cut, cut.
The paper’s barely there.

Cut, cut, cut.
And so is she.


"Just in case..."

She cries in the dark,
She slices her legs.

She slowly makes each mark,
She watches herself bleed.

She hates mirrors,
She hates what she sees.

She wishes on stars,
She begs and pleads.

She wants it all to go away,
She wants it to end everyday.

She hugs her teddy bear,
She crosses her heart and hopes to die.

She tells herself, “It’s better there,”
She tells herself, “It’s for the best.”

She puts pills in her mouth,
She swallows them all.

She takes them until she loses count,
She takes them until she begins to fall.

She left a smile on her face,
She left a note titled, “Just in case...”


It's all kind of sucky and depressing...buuut..whatever xD

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