kayden this is where we do the thing

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kayden this is where we do the thing

Post  wow on Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:18 am

so literally they are in high school and we can do whatever we want because we're the cool kids u dig
i promise i'll type better when we actually do the thing u kno
(i'm glad we do this i've been wanting to do a thing like this thing for long time)

i'm having three people have as many as u like

it's kinda like

17 years old. Junior.
Being on the Rugby team, athletics has become the center of his world. Mostly because his father seems to love Chance being on the team. Except he hates it, and he hates sports, but he'd do anything to keep his father happy. That scar on his face, he says, was from him falling and hitting the corner of a table. Except, he got it from his father, who loves drinking more than his children. He threw a beer bottle at him when he was young, and it shattered, cutting his face. His father's still like that, to this day.

16 years old. Sophomore.
She's known about her sexuality since she was 6. So did her parents, and they have no problem with it. Except, the amount of ignorance that some of the boy's at her school astounds her. So she started the GSA, and hopefully some kids will join. Luckily she has her friend Corin who is ready and willing to help her.

15 years old. Freshman.
Sexual attraction and gender is two things that Corin does not enjoy, and unfortunately their mother does not seem to quite understand that. But Corin doesn't mind. One day she'll understand. Corin is a photographer and is never seen without their camera.

you're getting there.

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