Memory: Long-Term

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Memory: Long-Term

Post  shay on Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:08 am

We were flying. I wanted to show the spotter (my "caring" older brother Ryan) the thumbs-down sign, which meant for the driver (my dad Bruce) to slow up. I was lying crookedly on the side, because I was one of the two bigger kids in the three-person tube. My little sister Lexi was squished in the middle because she was the littlest, and my cousin Jason was on the other end. We were screaming at the top of our lungs, even louder when we rolled over the boat's wakes. Lexi's shrieks sounded like she was on the verge of tears.
Suddenly, we took a sharp turn. "WHOA!" Jason yelled, laughing hysterically. His grip started slipping from the black rubber handles. We took another unexpected extremely sharp turn. Jason's grip slipped completely. He careened off the side of the tube and into the breezy air. Because he weighed the most, the tube flew into the sky as well. I was screaming obliviously, thinking I was still crashing against the salty Atlantic ocean. The wind was pushing the tube, pushing for it to flip over on top of Lexi and I.
Lexi was flailing aimlessly and powerfully shoved her foot in Jason's face. Jason's eyes snapped open and he instantly landed in dark blue water.
Right after Jason, I was next. I belly flopped onto the ocean. Lexi landed directly on top of me. And it hurt. Bad. I shoved her to the side of me so I could breathe. Jason and I resurfaced and burst out laughing, Lexi did the same thing with us shortly after. I remember thinking how nothing could happen that wouldn't make me as happy as I was then.

How wrong was I.
This was only a few months later from that memory, but I still felt older now, with my own opinions and responsibilities. Jason, Mom, and I were checking out some shops in Boston, mostly window-shopping, occasionally stopping in some stores.
"Ugh, Shay, I'm tired," Jason stated wearily.
"Come on. Just a couple more stores?" Mom requested.
"Fine. 3 more."
"Okay. Let's go into that clothing store over there," I suggested.
"Ick," Jason responded.
"You can wait outside if you want, Jesus. Now let's go," I said heartily.
We crossed the Brookline-Boston line quickly and reached a busy intersection. "This'll be dangerous, you know," Jason warned.
"Come on, it's okay."
"Alright, but if I die, it''ll be all your fault."
"Kids! Don't talk like that!" Mom interjected. She pushed the crosswalk button and we waited. Eventually, the neon white man popped up and we hustled halfway across the street.

Then it happened.

The massive red oil truck was speeding across the intersection. I shrieked and dashed for the sidewalk on the other side. Mom and Jason just stood there, gaping. "Go! GO!" I screamed until I had to catch my breath. Finally, Mom caught her senses, grabbed Jason's hand, and dragged him behind her with a huge struggle. She could hardly move both him and her at the same time. The oil truck arrived at the scene. It rolled over Jason's bent leg. Mom cried out, for she was forced to let go of Jason's hand based on the speed of the truck. My knees buckled and I let out a huge, high-pitched yell as loud as I could. I wanted everyone to hear me. I knew it was all over. I didn't care.
And to think this all happened in one abismal second.

To be continued
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Re: Memory: Long-Term

Post  ♡ Alicia ♡ on Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:29 pm

Wow! That was really... interesting.

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