Mortals [Chapter 1]

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Mortals [Chapter 1]

Post  Abby on Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:11 am

I wrote this on Meez and it failed, so here it is again.

Chapter 1

Raven was running. Running for her life, or the small little existence she called her life. She grabbed the stolen bread harder and ran around the sharp corner. Ducking into an alley was her only choice, so she took it. Through the alley and taking a left was her way home. Quickly she made her escape, nimbly taking the left and into the corner. This was her home, the small corner with a stolen park bench and a bag of bread. This was Raven Tussle's life. Raven looked up at the pale blue sky, for she had no roof. She thought about how everyday it would never change. Always be the same ugly blue right before darkness set in. It had been several years since Raven had run away from home, so long she had forgotten where it was. Raven sat down on her bed, if you could call a blanket on a park bench a bed, and rolled over. Raven didn't know what tomorrow would be like, she never did, but it didn't matter now. She was sleeping soundly, exhausted from the chase. Those were Raven Tussle's last normal memories. Her last grip to her old life and her need to fight to survive. Soon she would be different....

Raven awoke to the sound of talking. Her first instinct was to lay still and wait. But she heard one of the voices say "She's awake." Raven opened her eyes. Everything was so clear, so powerful, except she felt dizzy. "Hello," said the same friendly voice. "How are you?" Raven looked around to find that one of them was talking, to her! She couldn't move so Raven just glared at them, glared at her new life.

I wrote this when I was really bad so I'm going to tweek the next few chapters..
annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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