- The Eyes That Lie.[New Chapter everyday!]

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- The Eyes That Lie.[New Chapter everyday!]

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Chapter One: Night Terrors.

The edge, I have to go over the edge, I have to walk to the edge where my death awaits. Slowly stepping forward, slowly peeking over the edge as my watery grave calls my name. "Exel...." I hear whispers all around me, I feel death approaching, I feel death taking over. "Exel." The voice called again. I look over the edge once more, I have decided, it's my time to go. It's my time........
Exel quickly sat up as her eyes flew open. "Again..." She muttered and looked over at the clock, It read Three-Thirty A.M. Exel swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. "It's happening again." She whispered and made it to the bathroom, pouring herself a glass of water. Exel sighed and walked out of the bathroom, realizing it was going to take a miracle to help her sleep through the rest of the night before having to get back to work. It was an every night thing, She seemed to have night terrors, It hasn't happened in a while. Ever since she was accuse of an attempt at suicide, when she ws really almost killed, She wasn't able to sleep normally. A few hours past. Exel was sitting in the kitchen sipping her coffee. "I've got to get to work." She whispered and walked out of the kitchen and to her room. Exel slipped her black pants and her white shirt. Her phone rang. "Hello?" Exel spoke as she slid on her shoes. "Yeah, Exel, It's me Sora." She said. "Oh, Sora, Hey, Look I can't really talk, I've got to get to work." Exel said, slipping on her Jacket. "Oh, Well, I was calling to ask you if you wanted to go out tonight." "Oh I don't think so, I might have to stay overnight at the lab." Exel said as she grabbed her keys and walked towards the door. Once she was done, she hung up her phone and slid into her car. It only took her about fourty-minutes to get to work, due to the fact it wasn't really alot of traffic. "Exel, you made it." Frita smiled brightly. "Yeah, I did, anything new?" Exel smiled faintly. "Yes, we've got this kid, His name is Chester, He's got a bad case of Schizophrenia." Frita sighed. "Think you can handle it?" Frita asked. "I'm the smartest person here, Of course I can handle it." Exel may have seemed stable, but during the course of that day where she was accused of attempting suicide, they put her in a crazy house because they thought she was crazy, She kept saying someone was out to get her, but there was no evidence to match anything she was saying, no evidence to prove she valued life.

Chapter Two: Simply Delusional.

I see, I see him.... He's the one that nearly killed me! It's him, he's the one, the one that made me this way! "Exel." A voice called. "Leave me alone." Exel muttered. "Exel, are you okay?" "I said leave me alone!" She screamed, blinking, Coming out from her delusional daydream. "Oh, sorry, it's just-" "I know, your still having those problems." Frita nodded. "Take the night of, Chikita, You need it." Frita spoke, her Mexican accent slipping from her lips. Exel nodded and grabbed her jacket. "Take care of Chester for me, When I get back, I'll deal with him." And with that, she was out of the Facility. When she reached her house she pulled into the driveway and sighed. "I'm going to drive myself crazy." She sighed and stepped from the car and into the house. Exel fell on top of her bed and slowly closed her eyes, afraid to drift off into a deep sleep. Hours past, Exel was sleep.......
The edge....I see the edge again. Slowly walking towards the Edge, careful not to fall over. I feel.....Hands, Hands on my back.....With force greater then my own. I'm being.....Pushed, over the edge, I can't let them push me to my death, I'm not ready to go, I'm not ready, It's not my turn to die.....It's not my turn. Exel gasped as her eyes flew open, her chest heaved for air. She sat up and looked at the clock. "Twelve Twenty-Five." She sighed and stepped out of her bed. Exel needed to get help, or her night terrors were going to kill her, She was a strong woman, and she wasn't a fool, she was just too stubborn. Exel didn't just have night terrors, She also had Schizophrenia, Little did she know though. "Exel." She heared a voice call in the back of her head, she turned almost instantly, to see nothing. "Who's there?" She asked wearily. "Exel..." She heard the voice again. She searched and looked around until she saw a figure, it looked like a tall man with long hair. "Who are you?" Exel asked. "A figment of your Imagination." The man spoke and stepped up to her. "What's your name?" She asked. "Elliot." "What do you want?" Exel asked. "To kill you, I want to drive you so crazy that you'll really commit suicide." Exel stood there in disbelief. "How do you know about that?!" Exel yelled. "I told you, I'm a figment of your imagination, I know everything you know, I am, everything you are. I am apart of you, and I want you dead." Elliot smirked and with that being said, he vanished. "I'm not.....Delusional.... Am I?" Exel asked herself and walked towards her bed, And that whole night was endless and Sleepless.
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