And So The Story Starts Here

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And So The Story Starts Here

Post  Morgan on Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:22 pm

~Chapter One~

'Come see The Amazing Clore's Circus! Its wont be here for long!' The sign read at the end of the road. it seemed to be placed just right for, we had many people coming to buy tickets for tonights show. 'Don't miss out on the thrilling events. Moxie LeAnn Steal, the magnificent acrobat, Zoo-Zoo the trained Elephant, Sasha The Man Eating Lion,...' and the list kept going on and on. 'Kids fve and under enter for free, ages 6-12 enter for five dollars, 13 and up ten dollars. Show times,
Monday June 25
Tuesday June 26
Wendsday June 27
Thursday June 28
Friday June 29.
Starting at Eight o'clock every night.'

I'm part of this circus and I love it. I'm a sixteen year old acrobat. My foster parents run the circus so I learned the ropes when I was young. I sell tickets before shows and talk to little kids about the fun acts. My name you may ask, Annabell Grace Clore. Prefered and show name, Moxie LeAnn Steal.

I'm the thing that keeps this thing together, without me there would be no circus. Well thats how I think. My life is planned out for me, get read, do my rutine, close, and start all over the next day. I've been around the world plenty of times and right now I'm in Richmond Virgina where we are planning to set up.

The first show was about to start. I was one of the last acts. I sat in my trailer, 'dressing room', getting ready. I was wearing my normal, a creame color dress with tight black stocking. My make up almost done, just a few more shades and I would be done. I glaced at my clock, 8:25. The show had been going on for a while now and I would be called up soon.

"And please welcome, our wonderful acrobat, Annabell!" My father, the ring master yelled into the micro phone. I crossed my legs in my chair and didn't move. I heard the silence drift over the crowd like a blanket. "...Our wonderful acrobat, Moxie LeAnn!" He yelled again this time using the name I would come to.

I dashed out of the small space and into the tent. The crowd cheered as I appered. I took a deep breathe and took the micro phone as my father walked out of sight. "Now what you are going to see me preform is dangerous. Please do not attempt to do this. There will be a short amount of time where you can meet up with me and ask any questions," I said before handing the micro phone to my mom who was setting everything up behind me.

I started my rutine and when I ended the crowd roared. I smiled and walked tot he center of the tent and bowed. Thats when it happened, the lights shut off, then the was a horrific scream.

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annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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Re: And So The Story Starts Here

Post  Abby on Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:13 am

I like it.
annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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