Im In Love With Love and Hate

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Im In Love With Love and Hate

Post  Ladycici on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:28 pm

Okay so this is the very first part of part two to a story I wrote a while ago ;D
Im open to all opnions and construtive critism. (Gee I hope I spelled that right)


“If you really loved me. If you really loved me you would have just stayed away.” Anya said gritting her teeth as she held her hand to her chest it was quickly becoming stained with blood as was her shirt. Her eye lids started to fall and she fell to her knees hearing the sirens in the distance. Before she knew she was seeing blurs of doctors and bright white lights. I’m dying. This time I’m not going to wake up am I God?
“Put her in operating room three.” A nurse yelled as the EMTs pushed her through the doors leaving the man who called and rode with Anya in the emergency room lobby waiting to see if she would make it through. He was a doctor and happened to see the crash. He did all he could to stop the bleeding, from her chest. Where did the claw marks and that cut on her chest come from? It was no normal cut and it was so deep it was unnatural to see a cut that deep and around the wound it was burned some like the blade was hot. His hands balled in to fist on his knees as he looked down at his blood stained jeans.
“It’s not natural.” He said looking down
“Where is she? Where is my daughter “ A man burst in to the room looking around. That must be her father he thought to himself
“Sir are you Anya’s father?” He nodded yes. “She’s in surgery it may take a few hours. Clarance sir. I’m the one who made the call and helped her until the EMTs arrived I’m a doctor sir.” He said sticking his hand out the man shook his head and hugged him.
“Thank you. Thank you so much sir. She was in a motorcycle crash before and had to have surgery she had a broken leg then. I just pray she’ll make it this time. How bad were her wounds?” The father asked. Clarance looked away “Please tell me I couldn’t bare just sitting here and not knowing her condition. Clarance nodded
“She has a deep lacerations make on her chest and several claw marks as if she was mauled by a bear but the strangest thing is that the lacerations mark was burned around it” Clarance said with a frown and furrowed his brow he didn’t understand where it came from. unnatural he thought again.
“Do you think she’ll make it?” The father asked
“Yes I think she will. She’ll be very weak for a long time but your daughter seems strong.” He said with a warm smile a nurse offered them some coffee and they sat and waited for her to get out of surgery. Hoping and praying for the best.
man, you're doing good.

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Re: Im In Love With Love and Hate

Post  ♡ Alicia ♡ on Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:32 pm

Wow! Dramatc and kind of mysterious. I like it.

♡ Alicia ♡
annnnnddddd you're fabulous.

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